Think Like A Growth Hacker

This was a talk given for the HTML5 Programmers Meetup at Qualcomm. Here we wanted to introduce programmers to the concept of the Growth Hacker and help show engineers how to work with marketers to come up with big ideas. Slides with links to the resources can be found here...

What is Growth Hacking?

Content Marketing 101: A Beginner's Overview of Content Marketing Basics

The Fastest Way to Drive Startup Growth - Phil Fernandez, Marketo

One on One with Mark Cuban (Full Session) | Interactive 2014 | SXSW

How Brandyourself Unexpectedly Got 60k Users in 60 Hours, Part 1

A born entrepreneur shows me Gumroad, lets you sell virtual things with just a link

Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

Interview with Sean Parker: co-founder of Napster and former Facebook President

Guy Kawasaki | If I Knew Then What I Know Now | SXSWedu

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