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If you have any measure of success, you'll unquestionably invite copycats and wannabes in droves. Thankfully, they don't matter. But there is one competitor that does matter.

Three quick wins (and a bonus!) of how to get more engagement from the lifecycle emails you send to customers.

An interesting peek at the development stack Medium relies on to maintain growth, by Dan Pupius, head of engineering at Medium.

It's been really interesting to see the growth of curated newsletters recently, and from one curator to the next, I really enjoyed this recap from Josh Woodward who has a great newsletter covering tech and startups in India.

Here's a great example of how to think about improving SaaS onboarding. The folks at Ghost analyzed the behavior of users through their onboarding flow and learned how to come up with better test ideas that had a drastic positive impact on growth. Worth the read regardless of how experienced you are with analysis and testing.

Marc Eglon of Hackerpreneur Magazine shares some great tips on idea validation and optimization from launching a side project last week.

Tim and Maarten of Weekly Innovation share how they created two new products while on a team retreat.