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CEO of Dwolla shares his lessons learned hard way while running his startup.

An insightful analysis by Jason Lemkin from SaaStr on the correct composition of the first 100 startup hires. A good read if you are currently hiring

Excellent guide and tutorial by Dan Croak at Thoughtbot on getting your retention under control with a retention curve.

The team at Buffer have published the most in-depth report I’ve come across on when to tweet.

A good in-depth overview of UX design research methods by Matt Lavoie.

Rand Fishkin is angry and I cannot blame him. The "culture" of a company is being measured by the amount of parties it throws instead of the values it stand for. Good read!

An amazing view of how Shopify builds their products, from idea to real customers. What I love most is the way they approach their product defintion and what they choose the document in the process, such as "What are the hypothesis? How will we know if this product is successful?"

Being part of an organization that grow 30%-40% a year is challenging on almost every aspect. Interesting post about the different roles and responsibilities of management (and CEO in particular) in such growth phase.

What I love most is Jeff's ability to constantly aim for long-term innovation and aligning the business to the customers' interest, even if it means losing money in the short-term.

Wonderful summary of Stripe's hiring lessons learned. It's packed with great insights and dos & don'ts. Their "Sunday Test" is a brilliant measurement of candidates' personality.